Why Attend MPT Expo

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Why You Need to Attend Motion + Power Technology Expo

Action-Packed Days
Knowledgeable Speakers
Education Sessions

Gear Expo is now Motion + Power Technology Expo — and that means big opportunities.

Due to industry demand in the evolving motion and power transmission marketplace, Gear Expo became Motion + Power Technology Expo (MPT Expo). MPT Expo is a one of a kind, three-day event for manufacturers, suppliers, buyers, and experts in the mechanical power transmission, fluid power, and electric drive industries.

With unmatched opportunities to make connections and shop the latest products, services, and technologies for the highly focused motion and power system audiences. Just a few days spent meeting with experts will keep your business ahead of the curve for years to come.

Who Attends the Show?

Anyone who manufactures anything that moves should be at this Expo. At Motion + Power Technology Expo, you’ll see the entire power transmission supply chain — with mechanical, fluid power, electric, and hybrid solutions.

Attendees represent a variety of industries, including automotive, material handling, machine tool manufacturing, agriculture, automotive, off-highway, construction, and more.

What’s New at Motion + Power Technology Expo?

  • Shop and compare the full range of power transmission solutions utilizing mechanical power transmission, pneumatics, hydraulics, electric motors, and drives.
  • Experience the MPT Conference, presented by NFPA and AGMA, with sessions presented by speakers focusing on business topics and emerging technologies that all manufacturers will want to hear.
  • 50+ first-time exhibitors (domestic and international) showcasing unique solutions.
  • Fluid Power Pavilion — your destination to learn if hydraulics and pneumatics could improve your project.n
  • AGMA’s Fall Technical Meeting features the latest research on cutting-edge technologies in gearing today with 5 deep-dive sessions on splines, micro skiving, gear tooth root fatigue, and more.

Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to join 4,000 of your colleagues powering the industry forward.

“Our industry is evolving and looking at systems solutions and many different power transmission innovations. Reishauer is dedicated to the gear industry, and will continue our emphasis proudly. We also know that AGMA will continue this emphasis, even as they evolve the show to mirror the industry we all serve. We look forward to Motion + Power Technology Expo 2019.”

Michael Engesser
Reishauer USA